Famous College comedy entertainer
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Personalized packages to make your entertainment shopping easy and effortless. Why book different vendors and crowd your event with unsitely piles of equipment and event flow interuptions. I have over 25 years of entertaining excellence as both an Entertainer and music DJ to make sure your event flows smoothly from the beginning to end.

You can book a 50-90 minute "show only" package or add in options like "pre show music" to fill the background as guests arrive. We make it easy to transition from your dinner to the show as we always try to setup prior to guest arrival.

You can also option a microphone for your pre show speeches for super clear sound quality with our PRO BOSE 16 SOUND SYSTEM. A Post show music option is also available to keep your guests engaged for a few hrs after the show.

NEED A UNIQUE PRESENTER? Jeff's sought after Stress Management presentations will be like no other you have ever experienced on stress management, positivity, workplace stress and wellness. He is a Certified Corporate Consultant on Stress and Goal Setting for success. His unique background as an applicant interviewer, certified hypnosis instructor and clinical hypnotherapist will engage your audience, large or small. National Television guest consultant on Myth Busters and the Discovery Channel.

Fun, engaging and very informative presentations will give your attendees new tools on how to manage your mind at work, home and handle other peoples stuff, from the subconscious out. Why not book a seminar and show package to finish off a company training event or meeting.

When you contact us, together we can customize the options that best represent your audience dynamics to make your event fun and rememberable. We can accomodate your budget, timing, age group and venue.

Book a 50 to 90 minute comedy hypnosis show or add in a pre show music package. Perfect entertainment for company team building events, college events, sporting events, fundraisers or parties

The Right Fit
If you know your audience absolutely hates participation entertainment this show is not for you. This is all about great clean fun, motivating excitement, good sportsmanship and team building.
Of course, This show is based totally on audience participation.

Always Keep your audience close to the stage to create an intimate atmosphere for the best audience participation!

Pre Show Music
We have over 20 years of entertaining excellence. Music selection of songs to support all music tastes.

Excellent sound environment with High End "Bose" speakers makes sure your guests can clearly hear and enjoy high fidelity music playback. With 1000's of successful events to draw experience from, Jeff will fill your event with fun and laughs like never before.

Need a Full evening of fun entertainment?
Our Party Plus package includes everything. Bose Sound System, Pre Show Music, 50-90 minute Jeff West Hypnosis Show. Our goal is to keep your event planning simple, effortless, cost efficient and highly entertaining!