Famous College comedy entertainer

Inspire and Motivate Students
Educational entertainment with a positive message!


1. Clean Content!!! No embarrassment or inappropriate language allowed
2. Show scenarios are always positive and fun
3. Entertaining for all ages and cultures
4. Always School appropriate on and off the stage!
5. We Always Abide by School Health & Safety Standards
6. Student safety and well being are "always" top priority
7. Volunteers are always refreshed and alert before leaving stage area
8. No standing on chairs is ever permitted, at any time
9. No inappropriate language or gestures on or off the stage will be tolerated
10. Volunteers will always be aware of surroundings respecting others on stage

Volunteers are selected by asking audience members to put up their hand and then Jeff invites participants ages 14 and up to participate on stage.


Complete all-inclusive package includes an awesome sound system at one low price to accommodate all venues including: School assemblies, fundraising, sports celebration banquets and staff appreciation events.

School Reviews
Conrad Grebel University

Thank You Jeff!
The whole audience was very into it and loved seeing their friends up on stage hypnotized. The clean content was great and everyone enjoyed the show. Lots of laughter in the audience!

Agincourt Secondary

You certainly exceeded our expectations, which is why it comes to no surprise of hearing such good feedback expressed by our students. In fact, many people commended me on booking such a dynamic show, which obviously says a lot about it. What's more, the fact that it was fast-paced with no offensive material was another thing that impressed the staff. In fact, our Student Council advisor wanted me to emphasize this, as you did remind the student volunteers that they were still in school. Therefore, neither rude comments nor obscene behavior was acceptable on stage.

For this reason, I would like to thank you personally for your professionalism while doing this show, which is why it went off without a hitch. As well, our stage crew would like to extend a thank you seeing as you brought all of the necessary equipment for the show, and thus making it easier for them. In a nutshell, your show was amazing, hilarious, and deserving of a comment like: “it was perfection". Indeed, it was the best way in ending a stressful week just before the start of the March Break, which is why this show was great!

This was certainly the best buyout Agincourt Collegiate has had in a while, and a great success it was. Given this, we look forward to seeing you again.

Arthur Voaden Secondary

Thank you so much for the awesome show, your talents are unbelievable and you have a great gift. Thanks for everything.

Glendale Secondary School

Thanks for an outstanding show. Your performance was refreshingly different from other shows we've had in the past.

AY Jackson Secondary School

I can't believe how fast the students responded. You have an incredible talent for making people laugh. Thank you for a great time!

St. Joseph's Catholic School

We usually have a different entertainer every year...but after witnessing you perform your craft... you are definitely going to be the in house entertainer at our school. I can't believe how fast you got people to participate! Wow

East Elgin Secondary School

Cool stuff...the superheroes were amazing!

St. Michaels Catholic School

The kids really enjoy the show every year we have you back. Thank you again for being "school appropriate"

Holy Trinity Catholic School

Thank you Jeff for providing a great "clean" show for the kids, everyone really enjoyed it.

Goderich Collegiate Secondary

We keep booking you back because you provide a very funny and interactive school appropriate environment and the students love the show!

Lester B Pearson Secondary

Everyone had an absolute blast at the hypnosis show event, will highly recommend you for other events

AB LUCAS Secondary

We have booked you back for several years because the kids request you back as you always add new routines to keep it fresh and entertaining, we also appreciate that you respect all school guidlines for safety of the students

Jeff West has been featured on National Television including Discovery Kids and Myth Busters