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One on one training with Jeff West

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This course is taught over 2 days. Personalized instruction with Jeff teaches you his top techniques to performing a complete fun filled comedy stage show. Course content is extremely detailed and offers specialized secrets for handling the most difficult of audience situations.

Detailed transcript, workbook (step by step) to prepare you for the worst and best case scenarios. How to practice, Setup Sound Systems, promo, unique inductions, Dynamic Intros, Script creation, Audience Rapport building, how to sell yourself, Command Headliner Fees, Marketing tips, How to build a online profile, How to work with small audiences, Confidence in presenting to large corporate groups and much more. Professional stage hypnotists can earn $900.00 - $5000.00 per show and more!

Stage Hypnosis course fee: $2500.00 (2 Days) 


Advanced Selling Techniques Course
This advanced course is taught ZOOM OR IN PERSON format and can be designed for your learning curve and needs. Upgrade your career in the art & science of subconscious selling. Learn how to achieve instant rapport with customers, present to groups of 1-500 people. Work one on one with of the world's top experts in the business of the business of customer rapport. Jeff is a been a top sales rep and corporate presenter for over 20 years.
Course includes all course materials & certificate of participation.

Advanced Sales Techniques Course Fee: $699.00 (5 hrs) 


Note: Course days can be taught all at once or spread out over a few weeks.
Below are some of the content material in the course, please note this is just a basic outline as their is lots more not listed.

• Lots of Hands-On in class Hypnosis Training
• All Course Materials and marketing tips
• Student training manuals (Levels 1 and 2)
• Audio and video CD's and DVD's
• Scripts, glass pendulum and chart
• Script Packages • Business start-up portfolio for motivating your private practice
• Embossed NGH membership card
• Subscription to Journal of Hypnotism and Hypno-Gram
• Step by step practical and experiential hypnosis techniques and methods

You will learn:
• Advance test for suggestibility / hypnotizability
• How to classify subjects for inductions
• Understand what Influences trance and depth
• Advanced inductions and rapport
• Hypnosis in depth theory and history
• Develop unconscious rapport with clients
• The Art of hypnotizing, deepening and testing trance depth
• How to develop "post hypnotic suggestions"
• 3 step Self-hypnosis for persistence
• How to program persistence of success
• Applications of hypnosis areas of intervention
• Powerful inductions for different personality types
• How to decide which inductions to use
• How to conduct sessions 1,2,3,4 with a client
• Behavioral Assessment / Setting Client Goals
• Eliminate fears and phobias through systematic desensitization
• Design and teach a group self-hypnosis and stress workshops
• Work with the laws of attraction
• Exciting Peak Performance in work and home
• Marketing your business and fees, office setup
• Legal considerations business map

As a professional Hypnotist, what life-changing services can I offer my clients?

• Stress Management
• Release Fears and phobias
• Weight Loss
• Quit Smoking program
• Remove Emotional Blocks
• Accelerate Physical Healing
• Accelerate Learning and release exam anxiety
• Improve Athletic Performance and focus
• Increase Self-Esteem / Confidence
• Improve Personal Relationships
• Improve Creative Performance
• Improve Health, Prosperity / Abundance
• Athletic performance
• Release Negative Emotions like Anger, Sadness, Guilt, Shame…

As you can see, hypnosis can be applied to almost any issue that is controlled by the subconscious mind – whether it is something that we want to let go of or something that we want to enhance. The list is nearly endless, along with the clientele. It's all about empowering your clients. Results oriented programs...

The Power of Hypnosis motivation Speaks to success of mind body and spirit. Jeff will give live demonstrations on how to work with your clients to get immediate results to quickly motivate them towards their goals. We use natural, gentle HYPNOSIS to excite true motivation and ability and extinguish unwanted behaviors and habits. Jeff is excited to pass on years of experience and valuable skills and insights to you, in a highly focused series of Professional Hypnosis Certification Training segments.

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As a certified corporate consultant Jeff understands that each audience is unique and always makes sure each show is personalized to be "The Right Fit" for the audience…guaranteed!

Appearances on national television including: "The Discovery Cannel", NBC and guest expert hypnosis consultant on the popular television show Myth Busters. Dozens of radio interviews on the CBC network and guest speaker on the Fan 590 sports radio station and Global Toronto.

Jeff has set the highest in ethical and performance standards in motivational comedy hypnosis entertainment second to none.

Tri County Addictions Services
Thank you for your delightful presentation to the joint general meeting of our Board of Directors and staff and the Board and staff of Alwood Treatment Centre.
  Your presentation combined a refreshing humorous approach with specific illustrations of the therapeutic utility of hypnosis therapy to enable persons to have experiences remarkably different than their usual ones. Discussions among our counseling staff in the week following your demonstration continued to recognize some of the opportunities for change that your interventions introduced to those who experienced your work:

Your showing dramatically how" the self" could be guided to a different experience of "reality" reminded all of us of alternatives to regular counseling.
 Besides the clarity of your demonstration, the fact that one of our staff has been receiving training from you reassures us that we may be able to keep learning at least indirectly from your teaching-and keep helping the persons who come to us for relief from their problems with alcohol, other drugs, problem gambling, or concurrent mental health issues. So, we've
had two chances to gain from your teaching, and we've very much appreciated them.
thanks again  
David N.   Executive Director
Student comments

I just wanted to say how great that course was.  I received a lot more out of the course than what I thought I would get.  I was going in with an interest in hypnosis and desire to explore stage hypnosis, and came out with a whole other aspect of hypnosis.  It was great seeing the benefits and business opportunities that are out there.  I am glad I took this course and plan on taking a many of other ones. 
Jeff E.
I would like to again to express my gratitude for having an opportunity to be one of your students. Thank you, for all the life wisdoms that you so
readily and indiscriminately volunteered during the class time, which was not necessarily a part of the course but your kindness to us.
I have learned a lot and hopefully, it will stay with me for good ! 
Thank you.
Chris D.
The course was wonderful, it gives you both personal and professional benefits.
I left the course feeling empowered that anything is possible, especially if your
looking for change. Jeff is not only a fantastic instructor but has dynamic talents in motivating people to take action.
Debra R.
I never anticipated the change in self awareness, friendship and knowledge
I gained from taking this course. It went above and beyond all expectations I had.
Thank you
Sara M.
Great instruction, compatible and relaxed atmosphere conductive to learning.
Fantastic opportunity to ask questions and express concerns. Myths were
dispelled about hypnosis and the power to heal the mind through hypnosis
was taught in a very understandable format.
Carole C.

Day 1 Report - Comedy Hypnosis Workshop with Jeff Oatman: This has been an incredible eye opener. It's very obvious that Jeff takes his craft extremely seriously. His knowledge, presentation skills and ability to provide a complete understanding while he's teaching you is very impressive.

One of my biggest concerns was "What if no one wants to come on stage?" Jeff has shown me how to make sure that you have the proper working environment, number of participants and total control of the outcome.

Dispelling the myths regarding hypnosis is probably one of the biggest confidence boosters for the audience and frankly it truly changes the attitude of everyone involved.

The level of professionalism involved in this is really teaches you how to effectively control an audience and I can see dozens of ways to incorporate what I've learned into my DJ presentations as well.

This is far more intricate that old idea of "You're getting sleepy". I sat for 8+ hours yesterday hanging on every word.

Jeff doesn't talk much about it, but he's been a working professional in hypnosis for 20 years - and has a list of credentials as long as both of my arms. This is an incredible value that would help anyone looking for another way to impress their customers and build another income stream. Well worth it.
Dave Hastings

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